Professional Photographer in Cape Town

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

I am a photographer. I have over two decades of experience behind the lens of my camera. I photograph corporate and commercial work, and also do personal and family photoshoots.

Showcase your Business to its Best Advantage

Pictures pack a punch. It doesn’t matter what you sell. If your customers can see it, they are much more likely to want it … as long it looks as good as possible.

I know just what to do to make your products (and your team!) look as good as they possibly can – whether you sell food, jewellery, furniture, architecture, or anything in between, a professional photograph can show it off to perfection.

With the growth of social media, images are becoming more important then ever. Users of online and social media are five times more likely to engage with content that includes great images. Can your business afford to be without it?

Probably not. So use the form on the right to contact me, and showcase your business expertly.

Special Moments with Family and Friends

I know just how much a memory is worth. With expert skill, I capture those moments that mean the most to us – and lets us relive those moments . Nothing beats a great photo.

I photograph weddings, graduations, portraits, events, and beautiful landscapes. With a precision that can only come from years of practise, I capture every aspect of your special day – no matter what that day may be – in a series of stunning photos that really convey the magic of the moment.

So whether you’re getting married, celebrating a special milestone, or simply want to record a magical moment in Cape Town, use the form on the right to contact me to photograph it – and keep that memory for a lifetime.

Photography for whatever you need

  • Wedding photography
  • Family portrait photography
  • Individual and business portrait photography
  • Graduation photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Event photography
  • Photography for advertising
  • Food shots
  • Aerial and outdoor photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Industrial and commercial photography
  • Professional photography
  • Corporate photography

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